Three Artists’ Solo Exhibitions and a Group Exhibition

3 Solo Exhibitions

Yuriy Dikov
Yuriy Dikov
Rustam Turaev
Troy Khasiev

Group Exhibition

David Ru
Irina Matinian
Grigory Gurevich
Christian van Hedel
Valeria Sobolevskaya
Michael Ivanov
Miroslav Duzinkevich
Bella Gurfel

The museum is committed to safety protocols such as reduced building occupancy, mask-only entry, physical distancing. Hand sanitizer will be available, and we kindly request that all visitors bring their own mask and wear it during their entire visit to the gallery. Your health and well-being is our top priority, we make your future visit as safe as possible. 

Reservations are encouraged:

Curator: Grigory Gurevich

Art director: Irina Matinian

We look forward to seeing you!