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Michael Ioffe: Walking on Mind Fields and Mikhail Magaril:Works on Paper

The Museum of Russian Art (MoRa), NJ in collaboration with Kolodzei Art Foundation, presents Michael Ioffe: Walking on Mind-Fields, a comprehensive exhibition of the New –York based, Belorussia – born artist. Walking on Mind-Fields represents Ioffe`s equal mastery in sculpture, oil paintings and works on paper. The show includes sculptures from the artist`s series Geometry and Eros (2011-2012). The series consists of elemental primitive black and orange forms symbolizing the erotic tension between sexes. A successor of Paul Cezanne in sculpture, Ioffe enhances the archetype, producing works of unique sensual intensity. Included in the exhibition is the series Thirst (2008-2009 self drying clay, acrylic paint), a set of various tea cups of off-white shades in various stage of decomposition, representing the unfulfilled longing for completion.