Daria Bagrintseva Solo Exhibition

Daria Bagrintseva

Even though MoRA is a smaller museum, it continuously works with renowned? artists in Russia to help them promote themselves in the US and to familiarize  the American public with Russian contemporary art. Just this spring, MoRA exhibited two Moscow-based artists, one of them was Daria Bagrintseva.

As Daria states, her painting comes from emotions. Daria paints only when she envisions an image, feels the drive to transfer her imagination and emotions onto the canvas. She materializes her vibes into a medium through which they are translated to the public; her art undoubtedly awakens one’s emotions. In fact, Daria has a technique to bring that emotional level to a painting. She uses palette knife stating that: “A painting, executed by a palette knife, is very emotional. It has a rich and interesting texture, transmitting the expression of the author. Palette knife is the perfect tool to pass emotions.” Daria also prefers acrylic paint because it does not have technical limitations like oil, which changes color after it dries. Daria likes to work with large formats and to show ordinary things from an unusual perspective.

Venus, 2014 (acrylic on canvas, 59.1″ x 59.1″)

This exhibition showed how the scale and power of artwork can transform space. The relatively small museum galleries have never hosted works of in a format this large. Colors, strokes, shapes – all combined into an emotional experience for the visitors. Visitors had comments like “How this young lady can have so much power to create these works? Rich color and wide fearless strokes show the character and pass on some energy to me”. Onecould sense openness, braveness and freedom — a real image with a tint of vivid dreams. Daria’s goal is to create an emotional response in those viewing the artwork, and it seems she manages to do it. Her show received numerous positive references, and MoRA is hoping to work with her in the future again.

Voluntary Submission
Voluntary Submission, 2011 (acrylic on canvas, 59.1″ x 59.1″)
Opening reception with a piano concert


Daria Bagrintseva, the artist (middle)
Sea Horse, 2012 (acrylic on canvas, 44″ x 74″)



Dragon, 2011 (acrylic on canvas, 23.6″ x 31.5″)