Autumn Salon
Closing Party
November 25th

Closing Party
Saturday, November 25th
5-8 PM

zAndrew Dykes

Andrew Dykes is an upcoming artist based in New York, finding new grounds in the merging dichotomies of Masculinity V Femininity. He applies a specific layering approach to enhance Hyperrealism with Neo-expressionism, often portraying masculine depictions of a flower. You will not get lost in the loose brushstrokes or the elegant waves behind a petal; instead you will see the painting exactly for what it is. You will see an emboldened cluster, consolidated and contrived.

Dykes starts with a centered format to activates the space and create a deliberate confrontation to the viewer. He assembles a variety of mixed media, often building layer upon layer with silver and ink to bring the paintings to life. Once completed, he flattens the background and allows the subject to shine. Infusing masculinity with femininity, light with dark, and realism with abstract: the media then merge and become equivalent to the picture they create.

“I want the painting to be both visceral and mysterious: where once you begin viewing the painting, the painting soon stares back.”

zNaoaki Funayama

I’m from the city that is famous for Mt. Fuji. I really like that mountain, and dinosaurs as well. Both have special meaning: “power”, “greatness” and “specialty.” The work titled “X-don” means “tooth of the unknown.” With paleontological research the whole body of a dinosaur can be restored from just the fossil of one tooth. I have questions about how that works. Human beings can’t know everything. We can only work from one part by imagining a thing’s whole. Today’s images of dinosaurs are one of the possibilities we can consider from a hypothesis. The paleontologist presents just one possibility from the limited viewpoint of a selection of relics of the past. This theory has overturned. “X-don” shows that which is larger than a mountain. I am expressing one of its possibilities.


zAlena Zaruba

Alena Zaruba (b. 1962, Irkutsk, Russia) is the daughter of a well-known Russian artist and art teacher. Although Alena never studied art at school, she has been drawing since childhood. At the age of seventeen she became engrossed by a number of subjects that deepened her spirituality. She studied psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, Eastern philosophy, esoteric science, runology, and mysticism. Like her mother, Alena had certain psychic abilities. Following her mother’s passing in 1991, she began painting mystic paintings-talismans. Alena claims that her paintings protect peace and well-being of people who own them. The subjects of paintings come to Alena in her dreams. Even after starting a painting, she often does not know what the end result will look like. All paintings are performed on wood fiber panels using gouache and colored lacquer. They shimmer in the sun light and look different depending on the lighting and different angles.

zAlex AG

Alex AG photography is an attempt to define the future of photo art. The current crisis of creative photography is a result of changes in photojournalism and visual arts in general. The need for overly realistic images is significantly diminished and transformed. As a result Alex felt a need to work on reforming the entirety of approach to visual presentation as well as redefining the goals of the genre.
Alex AG works are based on oversized photographic images and heavily edited after the image is taken and combined in one panorama. The worlds in Alex’s works are merely inspired by reality, but in no way aim to accurately depict it. They are closer to idea of the dream about the world and its alternative version.
When creating his images Alex works on the whole complex of the visual signals, ranging from carefully choosing the palette of the piece: sometimes opulently bright and colorful and sometimes nearly monotone, – then proceeding to reworking the composition of the work: in some cases just adding a small innuendo of a fiction to completely realistic scene, and often creating a scene completely impossible equally in real world and in classic photographic image.

zAlexander Dudorov






zGrigory Gurevich

Grigory Gurevich,, sculptor, painter, graphic artist, printmaker, and inventor has had more than 300 exhibitions in the United States and Europe and conducted hundreds of sculpture workshops in Italy, Denmark, Russia and U.S.
His paintings, drawings and sculptures have won numerous awards and are in public and private collections of famous personalities as Marcel Marceau in France, A. Raikin in Russia as well as in Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia and The United States, His art was published in leading art magazines and Newspapers in those countries. He received a Masters Degree in Art from Academy of Fine and Industrial Arts in Leningrad (Sankt Petersburg), Russia and was a professor at St. Johns University, N.Y. and faculty member of Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts. His bronze tableau of seven life–size figures entitled “The Commuters”, sculpted in 1985, is installed in Newark Penn Station. His book “Reflections” features 17 linocuts, etchings and mixed media prints has been included in the print collection of New York Public Library as well as the Rare Book collection of Newark Public Library, Library of Saint Bonaventure University, Library of Metropolitan Museum of Art on New York and Hermitage Museum in Leningrad, Russia. In April 1995 Mr. Gurevich was granted a patent on “Manifolding book”, one of which “Numbers 1-10, 10-1” is in the collection at the Brooklyn Museum and library at Columbia University of Chicago. In March m, 2016 his sculpture “CLOWN” was exhibited in Russian State Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia in a group show “CIRCUS”

zAlevtina Ignatyeva

Alevtina is a many-sided and gifted painter. The main subjects of her works are landscapes, cityscapes, still-lives, genre scenes and flowers. She is a fruitful and industrious painter.
Alevtina was born in Leningrad (Saint-Petersburg) Russia. Education: The Leningrad Railroad College (1963). Profession: an engineer at the Building Company for Bridges & Tunnels.
In the USA: since 1978. She worked in Grossman Steel Building Co. in New York.
Now she is retired but busy with her favourite business – she is a painter and designer. She took part in over fifty shows in Jersey City, New York, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Russia. Twelve pictures were sold.
She is an active member of the Art Gallery with the Hudson Artist of New Jersey. Alevtina presented on 49th, 50th , 52d , 60th. Annual Regional Art Exhibits in Bayonne Public Library Gallery where she received four awards.
In addition she is a member of the group “Art of Inspiration with Vladimir Andreyev and His Friends” in New York. In 2010, the well-known collector of art work Robert Rothschild obtained her painting
“The Scene at the Bar” (1999). In 2012 he obtained more two painting “Rain on Time Square”(2003), “Three Women (Sally, Mary, Carry)” (2012).
Her art works were put on the International Catalogue “Art of Inspiration” and ” Fine Art the Robert Harris Rothschild Collection”.
In 2006, Alevtina Ignatyeva published her book “Over Years, Over Distances” by Liberty Publishing House in USA. The happenings and twists of fate narrated in the book are keeping readers intensely interested until the last page.

zMolly Goldfarb

Molly Goldfarb (MAG) is an independent visual artist working primarily in paints, markers, and digital media. Her pop-meets-punk aesthetic takes shape in a wide range of subject matter inspired by her life in the city and her frequent travels. Molly’s work is tied together by a bold, bright color pallet and flattened style that brings the many visual inspirations she collects “on the road” into a singular plane and dialogue, creating a combinative, vibrant “world” in and of itself.

Select Exhibitions:
– CLIO Art Fair — 508 West 26th St (NY, NY) October 19-22, 2017
– Context Art Fair (Vellum Magazine Booth) — Pier 94 (NY, NY) May 3-7, 2017
– Superfine! Art Fair — 459 W 14TH Street (NY, NY) May 4-7, 2017
– Vellum Magazine Presents: “NYC” — Central Booking (NY, NY) March 2-19, 2017
– “Art Hearts Fashion” Presented by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation & Six Summit Gallery (Official New York Fashion Week Event) — Angel Orensanz Center (NY, NY) September 12-14, 2016
– “Art for Haiti” Presented by the Saint Rock Haiti Foundation — ArtHelix Gallery (Brooklyn, NY) April 23-24, 2016
– The Other Side of Pop — August Wilson Center (Pittsburgh, PA) January 22- March 25, 2016
– Plant Sale — Rabbithole Projects (Brooklyn, NY) January 16, 2016
– Second Chance Rescue Benefit, Alchemical Theatre Laboratory (New York, NY), 2015
– Salon Show, Greenpoint Gallery (Brooklyn, NY) 2015

zLidia Chepovetsky

Lydia’s fruit and flowers live their lives on her canvases and they all have their stories to tell.

You can feel the artist’s admiration with nature’s unlimited imagination and the variety of shapes, forms, and colors.

She lived in Italy for three months and has visited many times since. You can see the deep impression Italy left on her in the colorful fruits, vegetables, and flowers she paints. Each painting has a simple, playful title: The Spring, Wildflowers on a Window Sill, Who Are You, Once on a blue…, Hydrangeas in a Brown Jug, Daisies and Berries, Am I Pretty. Lidia somehow manages to infuse these still objects with le joie de vivre.



zOleg Falkov

Oleg Falkov is an artist, who is currently living and working in New York. Born in Chernigov, Ukraine, raised in Almaty, Kazakhstan, he studied Architecture and worked as an architect for many years.
“As long as I can remember, I’ve been always painting,” he says. “When I was very young, my mother gave me a notebook of my elder brother, which had been filled with letters and numbers and I drew over them with my color pencils, creating a completely new meaning. From that moment on, I continued to paint for almost five decades. In my work I am mainly interested in depicting the relationship of time, space and an indirect presence of a life form. I observe these aspects of life and then go and explore it a little deeper in my paintings. As an example, my painting “The Brooklyn Bridge” is not just a literal representation of the bridge between Brooklyn and Manhattan but for me it also symbolizes a link between the past and the future; Russia and America; my friends, children, grandchildren and me.”
In Oleg’s paintings, each line and each form has its own essence or spirit. Some forms express spiritual movement. Others stay still in the harmonious being. He uses the combination of heterogeneous spaces, weightless forms, fancy shapes and objects combined with saturated colors and hidden elements. His art in many ways echoes the world of dreams.
His abstract art work can be found all around the world, including Kazakhstan’s State Art Museum and the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland. His work has been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

“Raw Emotions” at ART-O-TRA Gallery / Hong Kong
“Raw Emotions” at ART-O-TRA Gallery / Shenzhen

“Hidden New York” at Junzi Fine Art Gallery / California
“The Art of Fashion” at Webster Hall / New York
Ward-Nase Gallery / New York
Design for Life Gallery / New York
Skulsky Art Gallery / New Jersey
Consulate General of The Republic of Poland / New York

ULAR Gallery / Almaty
The Casteev State Museum / Almaty
Gallery “X” / Almaty
Union of Architects / Almaty

zJulia Michry

Julia Michry was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Her love for art and design started early and by the fourth grade she was enrolled in an art school for gifted students. After graduating from high school, Julia studied at the Saint Petersburg Art and Industry Academy, one of the country’s best art colleges. Continuing her studies when she came to America, Julia earned her BA in Graphic Design in just three years from New York’s School of Visual Arts and worked as graphic designer, winning over 25 awards and receiving numerous mentions in leading graphic design competitions.
As a graphic designer Julia never gave up her true love of traditional art. Making the necessary time to hone in on her skills and desire to focus on Painting. Her medium is watercolor, and while her work reflects a deep love of nature, it is also rooted in Julia’s Russian background. Julia’s use of colors and patterns is reflective of her heritage and adds another element to her paintings.

Julia received a second prize for her paintings in RMAA art association competitio

n and took part in Woodstock-New Paltz Art Fair of 2017. Julia received numerous awards from Light Space & Time Art Gallery and her work was part of the recent International Art festival held in Chelsea, NY.


zAlexander Rees

Search for beauty in surrounding us complicated and at times hostile world and sharing it with others was always my credo , both in art and music.
Alexander Rees was born in Moscow, Russia. He was educated at the Gnesin Institute (now called the Russian Academy of Music), one of the world’s most prominent music conservatories, where he received his Doctorate degree and embarked on a music career. Dr. Rees became a professor of viola and chamber music at the same institute, where he trained hundreds of students who have become well-known professors in music conservatories, solo artists, and performers in major orchestras all over the world.Dr. Rees performed as a soloist, conductor, and chamber musician. He played with prestigious chamber groups, such as the Borodin String Quartet, Svyatoslav Richter chamber ensemble, Madrigal Baroque Ensemble, and many others. He toured extensively in the former Soviet Union and Europe. In 1993 Dr. Rees immigrated to America and settled in New York City.