Birth of Excellence

Birth of Excellence

Art Exhibit at MoRA Art Museum

The Museum presents a new fall exhibit 

September 28th – October 7th, 2023

We invite you to join us for the

Opening Receptionon September 28th, 6-9pm

Come together to celebrate life and art!

Exhibit on view SEPTEMBER 29TH, SEPTEMBER 30TH, OCTOBER 6TH and OCTOBER 7TH; 6-8pm

MORA Museum proudly presents Birth of Excellence, a three-part exhibition. We are privileged to share the new works of talented student artists froma variety of prestigious universities.

The exhibit is being curated by renowned artist Yanbo Huang.

Group Exhibition
Participating Artists

Thea Chen, Sophia Chen, Xiwen Zhang, Linghu Rongshan, Chunti Yang, Ryan Chen, Brianna Ding, Justin Liu, Katherine Lu, Susan Wang, Bowen Wang, Isabelle Huang, Edward Jinghua Li, Yihan Du, Helen Wang, Jiajun Li, Elva Zhang, Grace Chengen Li, Zizhuo Dai, Zixin Deng, Victoria Lee, Weiwei Wu.



Solo exhibition by “Playing Surrealist”, maverick Yuriy Dikov

A group art exhibit showing paintings, prints, photographs, and sculptures by a mix of Korean, American, and Georgian artists

Qian Ye, Emil Silberman, Katya Olive, Zinchik, Alex AG, David Ru, Irina Matinian

MoRA Museum
80 Grand Street, Jersey City, NJ

Margo Grant, Director