Lectures & Discussion “Poetry & Contemporary Visual Culture in Russia”

Lectures and Discussion

“Poetry and contemporary visual culture in Russia”

Lecturer Anna Gurfinkel

This is a course of lectures dedicated to contemporary book illustration in Russia. The course highlights artistic practices of Mikhail Karasik (b.1949) and DmitrySokolenko (b. 1977). Both artists live and work in St. Petersburg.

Karasik is a renowned conceptual artist and graphic designer.He is a founder of Daniel Kharms International Art Festival.

Sokolenko is a conceptual photographer and media artist. His most recent project “An Inmate who became a Wave” is an expanded illustration to the eponymous poem by Russian avant garde poet Alexander Vvedensky.

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These lectures were made possible in part by the grant from Russkiy Mir foundation and support by Russian Center NY.