New Faces, New Voices

A MoRA Literary Event
Cosponsored by Causa Artium

New Faces, New Voices
A Glimpse into the Future of Russian Literature
Friday, 20 May at 8:15 p.m.

Introduced and moderated by John William Narins.

The Debut Prize seeks out new talent from all corners of Russia’s vast land. The winners are a new generation of rising literary stars who are transforming the Russian literary landscape.

Four members of what is coming to be called the “Debut Generation” are coming to Causa Artium to read their works and speak about their lives and their art.

The visiting Debut winners are Irina Bogatyreva, Polina Klyukina, Pavel Kostin and Andrei Kuzechkin.

This event is FREE.
The reading and discussion will be followed by a reception.
Contact Information:
Margo Grant, Director: 917-449-2842
John William Narins, Program Director: 818-642-9225