A Lecture by Award Winning Artist: Svetlana Malakhova

MoRa Art Museum Invites you to

Following her Solo Exhibition

Svetlana Malakhova & MoRA

Invite you to

A lecture held by the artist herself on May 26 at 3pm!

A trend in modern art and its evolution from the romanticism of Michelangelo to the colorful flesh of Lucian Freud.

The lecture will be of interest to artists, guiding them on the path to success following the analysis in the lecture, as well as for art lovers, for whom the lecture will help distinguish a masterpiece from a mediocre painting.

Working with the human form, I combine classical figurative art with abstraction. People have deep feelings and associations with the human figure (both biological and spiritual). My work is intended to present a world in which the viewer can live and explore those feelings, all while having the freedom to imagine and interpret their own reality.

For more information contact:

Margo Grant 
917 449-2842


This event is curated by Grigory Gurevich