Peace and War

Peace & War

An art performence and installation by artists Ronit Levin Delgado and Julie Mauskop featuring singer ionie.

Film screening by a Moscow-based filmmaker Joseph Goldman.

August 17
5.30 pm – 8 pm

Through bodily performative acts, artists Julie & Ronit will explore and immerse you into their memories by interacting with different objects loaded with symbolic and personal meanings, which reflect their Russian heritage.

Ronit & Julie will take you through the landscape of War and Peace text that reflects their explorations and echoes the present.


Film screening:

Screening of two films directed and created by a Russian filmmaker Joseph Goldman “A Fine New Day” and “Lech-Lecha”. The films that were created before the current events but timely reflecting the present. 

Joseph Goldman:
Mr. Goldman is a member of the Moscow playwrights’ professional committee. 
During 35 years of professional activities as a script writer, Mr. Goldman participated in the creation of hundreds of film projects, including feature films, documentaries, popular science and publicity films. He has also written scripts for television broadcasts, plays, and television films.


“My work utilizes my body and identity to critically and ironically explore embodied and ecstatic states of spiritual experience from the ambivalent convoluted and distanced location of being a female, post-Jewish, Israeli-diaspora artist.”
Ronit Levin Delgado (born Tel-Aviv, Israel) a Fulbright scholar, lives and works in NYC. She has had numerous exhibitions in NYC as well as internationally.

“Interactions between movements, forms and colors, are utilized to convey feelings and perceptions inside personal memories and desires, exploring connections both visceral and psychological”.

Julie Mauskop is based in Brooklyn, NY. She holds degrees form Rhode Island School of Design and New York University.

Curated by Daria Gradusova