Spring Extravaganza Art Fair


Chava ShtraykherChava Shtraykher

My vocation of an artist had revealed itself in my childhood.
Being born in Odessa at the Black Sea coast, with its picturesque breaks and cliffs, spending summers in Carpathian Mountains with my parents, I did not cease to be delighted by beauty and harmony of the world around.

I graduated from Theatrical School of Arts and started my career as a textile artist.
My extensive and constant spiritual search correspondingly has been reflected in my painting style. From purely depictive, my manner gradually became more and more of reflective.
The mentioned search led me as artist to the non-conformist’s activity. After proving to be in the number of refusnik during 10 years, under the close scrutiny of KGB,
I repeatedly participated in unofficial exhibitions. I see not so much of detail, as an entire picture as a whole, and the desire to learn the truth finally brought me to my original Jewish roots and observance of the Commandments.
I arrived in America 28 years ago. I was working as a textile artist in prestigious companies in New York City for 10 years. I participated in numbers of exhibitions and also displayed my works in solo art shows mostly in Chelsey, NYC.


Ajuan SongAjuan Song

AJuan Song is an artist, photographer, and printmaker whose work utilizes experimental photography and alternative processing to create abstract imagery. She has studied at International Centre of Photography and Pratt Institute, and is a member at Penumbra Foundation and Manhattan Graphic Center. She was born in 1986 in China and is currently living and working in New York.






Aleks KontrAleks Kontr

Aleks Kontr, originally from Vladivostok, the Capital of Russian Far East.

While he studies Japanese philology and literature in Far East Government University, he was granted to attend arts lessons in Institute of Art.

Upon the arrival in USA Aleks Kontr began painting series of artworks called as FUSION IN STYLE.
Aleks Kontr art works fascinated with the smart, provocative, attractive of erotic world. Unspeakable viewers get the impression from his image, in the style of erotic surrealism. Spectators striking lateral thinking and perception of beauty modern women and men



Alex SoldierAlex Soldier






Alex AGAlex AG

New York based artist. His digitally modified panoramas largely focus on surrealistic harmony of urban life of large cities: New York, Istanbul, Bucharest, however, large part of the collections is vistas of nature, or single depiction of people, animals and non-animated objects.
This winter collection is focusing on memories of the old New York presented in modern media and approach to image processing.
His works are offering the new approach to interpretation of reality captured by a camera. Another area to which artist is paying extremely close attention is methods of printing the artwork. Alex employs several processes, including printing on standard metal surfaces, custom print on materials such as leather, steel, stone… The separate area of Alex AG works is printing on transparent and semitransparent surfaces, including multi-layered prints on glass and prints on semiprecious stones, which require illumination for display.


Alexander ReesAlexander Rees

Alexander Rees was born in Moscow, Russia. He was educated at the Gnesin Institute (now called the Russian Academy of Music), one of the world’s most prominent music conservatories, where he received his Doctorate degree and embarked on a music career. Dr. Rees became a professor of viola and chamber music at the same institute, where he trained hundreds of students who have become well-known professors in music conservatories, solo artists, and performers in major orchestras all over the world. Dr. Rees performed as a soloist, conductor, and chamber musician. He played with prestigious chamber groups, such as the Borodin String Quartet, Svyatoslav Richter chamber ensemble, Madrigal Baroque Ensemble, and many others. He toured extensively in the former Soviet Union and Europe.
In 1993 Dr. Rees immigrated to America and settled in New York City. He has continued his music career as a solo and chamber musician as well as an orchestra player with various orchestras – the Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra, St. Luke’s Orchestra, and others, on major stages such as Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. He teaches viola and chamber music at Fordham University, Thurnauer School of Music and in his own private studio.




Ella KoganElla Kogan

Ella Kogan, born in Russia to renowned painter Leonid Kogan (whose works are part of Russia’s most esteemed collection of fine art at the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg), has been an artist since childhood. Early on, her father noticed her natural gift for music and singing. Her academic background in classical piano and multicultural exposure have lead Kogan to develop a unique philosophy and technique behind her artwork. Her fascination with sculpture as a means of artistic expressions revealed itself as a fluke of fate. Ella happened to be helping her son with a homework assignment, and suddenly discovered an instant love for working with clay, a relationship that continues to produce powerful, provocative results. She often attributes her inspiration to everyday observations, her criticism of politically correct demeanor and often, to images of faces that appear in her mind. Ella’s sculptures are a deep reflection of her impassioned visions and her commentary on societal conventions.

Kogan has exhibited her works in multiple solo and group exhibitions, including New York’s International Art Festival, the Museum of Russian Art and a three-year showing at the Locatoile Gallery in Paris, France.  Her sculptures can be found in private collections in the United States and abroad. She was featured in The Huffington Post and the Examiner, among other leading art publications.


Grigory GurevichGrigory Gurevich

Grigory Gurevich,, sculptor, painter, graphic artist, printmaker, and inventor has had more than 300 exhibitions in the United States and Europe and conducted hundreds of sculpture workshops in Italy, Denmark, Russia and U.S.
His paintings, drawings and sculptures have won numerous awards and are in public and private collections of famous personalities as Marcel Marceau in France, A. Raikin in Russia as well as in Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia and The United States, His art was published in leading art magazines and Newspapers in those countries. He received a Masters Degree in Art from Academy of Fine and Industrial Arts in Leningrad (Sankt Petersburg), Russia and was a professor at St. Johns University, N.Y. and faculty member of Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts. His bronze tableau of seven life–size figures entitled “The Commuters”, sculpted in 1985, is installed in Newark Penn Station. His book “Reflections” features 17 linocuts, etchings and mixed media prints has been included in the print collection of New York Public Library as well as the Rare Book collection of Newark Public Library, Library of Saint Bonaventure University, Library of Metropolitan Museum of Art on New York and Hermitage Museum in Leningrad, Russia. In April 1995 Mr. Gurevich was granted a patent on “Manifolding book”, one of which “Numbers 1-10, 10-1” is in the collection at the Brooklyn Museum and library at Columbia University of Chicago. In March m, 2016 his sculpture “CLOWN” was exhibited in Russian State Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia in a group show “CIRCUS”.


Ian CliffordIan Clifford

Ian Clifford was born in East Meadow, New York.  He grew up in New York City, and showed an aptitude for visual art at an early age. In high school he attended a special fine art program where he learned design, painting, printmaking and sculpture.  He continues to study contemporary fine art, design, and photography independently.  

Ian has worked in New York City for the past 20 years as a painter, photographer, graphic designer, web designer, sculptor and art director.  Although mainly concerned with commercial art endeavors, he continues to work on his own art projects, which mainly involve painting, photography and sculpture.

Ian is not only passionate about art but also supports visual artists with his community. He believes that the primary job of an artist is to provide the rest of society with the inspiration to see beyond the everyday and to look more deeply into what living means to them.  He tries to imbue his own work with the spark of inspiration so that the viewer might look farther or more deeply at there own reality and what this means to them personally. He believes that art can be a catalyst for change both within the individual and society at large.


Iness Kaplun Iness Kaplun

She is a Russian artist, based in Brooklyn, NY. Art has always lived in her house, started with her grandfather – who was an artist, a painter-decorator. Her love story with art has began the moment her grandfather handed Iness his brush. This love has been living inside of her throughout the years, constantly reminding of her roots and where she came from.

She graduated from Saint -Petersburg University of Technology and Design with a major in Decorative and Applied Arts. Also she worked as a designer in a windows fashion industry.Currently she teaches children and adults in her Art studio in Brooklyn.

Her art work has been exhibited in Chelsea Galleries as well as underground art shows between US and Russia.



Michael EzraMichael Ezra

Michael Ezra has distinctive and easily recognizable style in sculptural nudes. His work is focused on creation of unique laconic images of sculptural forms by using the medium of fine art photography. It is dedicated to discovery of novel concepts of sculptural form of human body and study of dualism via harmonious conjunction of contrasting elements.

Ezra’s work with a human form, provocative and unconventional, inspired a wide following; but it is his clean and precise manner of execution of each piece that became a special hallmark of the artist. Equally found in his sculptural nudes and landscape works, it renders a unique sense of clarity and completeness to each of the master’s pieces.

In recent years Ezra’s interest evolved toward blending elements of surreal into his photographic works while hauntingly preserving the look-and-feel of his earlier studio photographic series of Horizontal Nudes and Triangles. The results of this exploration have formed his “Reflections” and “Levitation” series as well as more whimsical series “If”, “Then”, and “Otherwise”.

Presently Michael Ezra is based in New York City, USA.

Today Ezra’s works can be found in private collections in US, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, Australia, Russia, Israel, Barbados and Brazil.



Nadya ReshetovaNadya Reshetova

Nadya Reshetova, is an artist, interior designer, architect and an entrepreneur with international work and presence. Nadya graduated from South Ural State University, Russia, with a Masters degree in architecture which she used to develop her successful business in interior design. Her company was in charge of numerous residential and commercial projects in Russia as well as America. She has also invented an interactive watch for the blind community which has won international awards for design and usability.
. She is a member of the Jewish Folk Art and Craft Guild. She paints with oil and acrylic and gives a preference to styles of surrealism and naturalism. She has already hosted multiple exhibitions in New York City and decorated a couple of Manhattan-based boutiques with her art. Nadya’s upcoming exhibitions are scheduled to appear in Chicago and Los Angeles gallerie.




Oxana Uryasev Oxana Uryasev

Oxana Uryasev was born in Ukraine to a family of academics.  Following family traditions, Oxana completed a doctoral degree in mathematics.  She was slated to become a professor, teaching future Soviet nuclear scientists how to calculate the likelihood of their missiles landing on target.

A few years later, with the Soviet Union dissolving around her, Oxana was far from this original plan.  Living in Vienna, Austria, she was raising two beautiful kids on a diet of Schnitzel and Kinderbier.  By the mid 90s, Oxana had moved to the USA.

Oxana studied under several prominent painters. Her creative process is influenced by her mathematical background and the fantastical images are fed by her international cultural experience.




Yelena KimelblatYelena Kimelblat

Yelena Kimelblat is a primitive artist-painter. She started to paint in 2008 and art became a means for Yelena to share with others her vision of life.

Yelena’s paintings belong to absolutely new genre… Yelena has the uncanny ability to see the unexpected side of the plain and the ordinary. One cannot arrive at this place with reason and logic. Her metaphoric thinking leads her to decisions that are so far from ordinary human associations. She gives birth to her art pieces somehow naturally, and they naturally communicate to us that which belongs only to her: her visions of things and happenings – her inner world. This perspective finds a connection with the people who view Yelena’s paintings.




Yelena LammYelena Lamm

Yelena Lamm was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, where she received her formal art training from the N. K. Roerich Fine Arts School. After moving to the U.S.A. with her family in 1995, Yelena pursued a career as graphic artist. She furthered her education at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where she received her degree in Graphic Design. Meanwhile, she kept on painting, working on various subjects and developing her own artistic style. Yelena lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA. Her illustrations are featured on interpretive panels at one of Pittsburgh’s major tourist attractions, Grandview Promenade. Yelena had two solo exhibitions and participated in numerous juried group shows, notably, at the Pittsburgh Heinz History Center and Westmoreland Museum of American Art. Her artwork is acquired by collectors, including Pittsburgh’s mayor Bill Peduto. Yelena is a member of Associated Artists of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators.




Yelena LezhenYelena Lezhen

Yelena Lezhen is an American artist who lives and works in Watchung, New Jersey. Her preferred media is oil, acrylic and ink on canvas and paper.

Yelena Lezhen was born in Kiev, Ukraine. She graduated Kiev College of Art and Design and worked as a graphic designer after graduation. She immigrated to the US in 1989 and settled down in New York. This city impressed her by its museums, exhibitions and diversity of cultures and art life. The city life and surrounding her nature of New Jersey remains the source of her inspiration. She is married and has two children.

Yelena’s symbolism bears an emotionality required to express, soberly and directly, a specific emotive atmosphere. In her work she tries to find a bridge from fantasies to reality, from the invisible to the visible.

Yelena Lezhen has participated in numerous art exhibitions and won a number of juried selection calls for art and awards. Recently she exhibited and sold her art works at Art Hamptons 2016, and also at art exhibitions in Barcelona, Paris, Reggio Emilia (near Milan). She will exhibit her works at SALON ART3F NICE (France) in October, 2016. Her paintings and drawings can be found in private collections around the world, including United States, Germany, Israel, Russia, and Ukraine.



Julia WinterJulia Winter

In Julia Winter’s double portraits the two personalities blend together, even if they come from totally different worlds. For example, in Young Lust, the face and upper part of the body of a young boy in a t-shirt covers an image of a seventeenth-century lady in a black gown. They differ in gender, time of origin, The boy looks quite self-conscious whilst the woman is decorous. She represents a social class that can commission a portrait. It is clear that the two images come from two completely different worlds. By presenting the two worlds in a single composite portrait the otherness is emphasised and raises questions about how we judge the other. It results in a hybrid picture that emerges from bringing together disparate elements. At a time when emigration has become a common phenomenon, we have to accept an ongoing negotiation and exchange between irreconcilable differences. In the media, we see a huge number of different faces and in our cities we experience new national and ethnic mixtures. By juxtaposing two identities, Winter composes two overlapping images of faces which is at the same time a play of forms, colours and perspectives.


Yuri GorbachevYuri Gorbachev

Yuri Gorbachev, talented and famous around the world, is the brightest star in the constellation of artists who came to America from the former USSR in 1991.
Gorbachev’s work is represented in more than twenty museums worldwide including the permanent collections of The Russian National Museum, St. Petersburg, The Louvre, Paris, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, The National Ukrainian Museum of Art, Kiev, National Armenian Gallery, Martiros Saryan Museum, Yerevan, The Rudana Museum, Bali; his work was also in the Clinton White House and The United Nations for which he designed a United Nations Stamp, Green Parrot on Red Flower, for the Endangered Species series. The first stamp of this series was done fifty five years ago by Salvatore Dali.
In 2011, Yuri Gorbachev designed a new label for Stolichnaya Vodka, called “Four Elements” Previously, From 1994 through 1999 “Stolichnaya” commissioned him to design their annual Christmas “Holiday” advertisement, which appeared in hundreds of magazines around the world including Art & Antiques, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Time, W, GQ, Elle among


Yuri GorbachevMarko Stout

Renowned multimedia New York artist Marko Stout is considered to be one of the most relevant and coolest multimedia artists working today- especially among the younger millennial generation. Based in Manhattan, Stout is famous for his gritty industrial pop style focusing on modern urban life in NYC. Marko Stout’s exploration of sexuality and urban myth puts a modern twist on this artistic theme with a certain gritty and accessible feel perfect for a modern audience.

The Huffington Post calls his work, “exciting and inspirational” with his sculptures, prints, films and installations exhibited in numerous international galleries and collections. Marko Stout’s works are windows to the soul and essence of city life bursting with urban patterns, rhythms, and female vigor. By creating this direct window into the urban realm, you will dive into a super rare space in which the human spirit is exposed in its most raw form. As best stated in the LA Times, “Marko Stout’s work represents the powerful culmination of post-modern sentiments that were sown in the mid-twentieth century. Individually, the pieces are thought provoking and dazzling, but as a collection, they are amazing!”