Stand with Ukraine – international group exhibition

Stand with Ukraine

international group exhibition 

Presented by Museum of Russian Art


On view

April 14 – April 19, 2015

Gateway Art Center NYC

4 West 43rd St, New York 


Opening Reception  

April 14, 2015    

6 – 8 pm (cash bar)

For over a year, we have been watching with hope and horror the plight of the Ukrainian people fighting for the right to decide their future.
This war – between two neighboring nations, who share a centuries-long history of victories and tragedies, culture, and familial ties – defies logic and understanding. It is inconceivable and unpalatable.
Lies and betrayal. Pain. Injustice. Dignity and sacrifice.  All that is the struggle and lifeblood of today’s Ukraine – in painting and photography – is presented at this exhibition.
Logic can’t explain it. Politicians can’t end it. Only art can express it. 
Art – with its expressive power – can be an effective instrument of peace against aggression.
Participating artists:
Vladimir Davidenko, Dr.Natalia Ivashyna (Sergeeva), Leonid  Gervits, Frank Gavere, Anton Kandisky, Oles Knomplyas, Yelena Lezhen, Olexa Mann, Botond Reszegh,  Michael Turovsky, Matvey Vaisberg, Andriy Yermolenko.
Curated by:  Grigory Gurevich
Sponsored by:
Non Profit Resources Ltd, Arts on the Hudson/ GPT, Elegant New York Magazine, InLove Magazine.
Special acknowledgements: We wish to convey special thanks to Alex Demko, Larisa Abramson, Tatyana Borodina, Victoriya Kurchenko, who made this exhibition happen.