Embarking on the
Road of Color 


Museum of Russian Art is proud to announce   a solo exhibition of works by 

 Nataly Khvost Sintez

Champagne reception with the artist

Saturday May 20th  6-8pm

Exhibition on view at the Museum

May 20 -June 3rd 2017

Fridays 4-7pm
Saturdays and Sundays 1-5pm

The artist lives and works in  Russia. She had numerous solo
and group shows in Moscow , Amsterdam, Tokyo and other cities.
Her works displays a wide variety of media and a great sense
for composition.
She paints in bright colors and creates a positive ambience.
The colors dance from yellow to dark blue in its various shades.
Symphony of colors fill the surface with a vibrating energy.
Her work has an emotional and timeless quality

Group exhibition

participating artists:

Katya Leonovich
Nadya Reshetova
Angelica Verkeenko
Grigori Gurevich
Alex AG
Sofia Echa
Boulat Kitaev
Sergei Goloshapov




Zina Zinchik is a self taught artist who lives and work from West New York, NJ and specializing in fine art photography. She picked up camera in her late 20th to pursue passion for photography she enrolled into countless art classes and participated in workshops with globally accomplished photographers.

?mused by extremely cold temperatures brought into New York city by arctic vortex, she become to experiment with ice and frozen flowers creating “Frozen spring” collection. The artistic influence behind this flower imagery stems from deep appreciation for the simple, the untainted and the unadulterated beauty found in nature and the logistic restrictions influenced by weather.



Katya LeonovichKatya Leonovich

Katya Leonovich first rose to prominence in 1997 when EllioFiorucci created her first fashion show in Milano. Later, she was encouraged by Fiorucci to enter the Smirnoff Competition, where she was declared the winner of the Mittelmoda Fashion Award. Shortly after, Leonovich created the infamous “Alive Dress” for Madonna during her tenure in the Gattinoni fashion house in Rome. In 1999, Katya Leonovich’s couture collection debuted during Paris Fashion Week. Katya received her diploma from the Saga Furs International Design Center for intricate techniques and product development specialties. In 2000, Katya was awarded the “fashion designer of the year” award in Russia. Leonovich has since shown four consecutive shows in Paris, and a total of seven collections at Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week. In September of 2015, Katya Leonovich returned with the debut of her Spring/Summer 2016 collection “Bisected Beauty” which showcased the designer’s extraordinary artistic capabilities in addition to her fashion collection.


Nadya ReshetovaNadya Reshetova

Nadya Reshetova, is an artist, interior designer, architect and an entrepreneur with international work and presence. Nadya graduated from South Ural State University, Russia, with a Masters degree in architecture which she used to develop her successful business in interior design. Her company was in charge of numerous residential and commercial projects in Russia as well as America. She has also invented an interactive watch for the blind community which has won international awards for design and usability.
. She is a member of the Jewish Folk Art and Craft Guild. She paints with oil and acrylic and gives a preference to styles of surrealism and naturalism. She has already hosted multiple exhibitions in New York City and decorated a couple of Manhattan-based boutiques with her art. Nadya’s upcoming exhibitions are scheduled to appear in Chicago and Los Angeles gallerie.



Angelica VerkeenkoAngelica Verkeenko

Angelica Verkeenko
Visual Artist . Designer
Member of the Union of Artists of Russia
Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia

My creative process combines my passions for painting, photography, printmaking, and product design. My current multimedia works focus on my long interest in transfer my impressions of the nature and painting traditions.


-Baron A.Stieglitz St. Petersburg State Arts and Industry Academy
Field of Study: Textile Design and Decorative Monumental painting

Russian State Institute of Performing Arts
Bachelor Fine Arts (B.F.A.)


Grigori GurevichGrigori Gurevich

Grigory Gurevich,, sculptor, painter, graphic artist, printmaker, and inventor has had more than 300 exhibitions in the United States and Europe and conducted hundreds of sculpture workshops in Italy, Denmark, Russia and U.S.
His paintings, drawings and sculptures have won numerous awards and are in public and private collections of famous personalities as Marcel Marceau in France, A. Raikin in Russia as well as in Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia and The United States, His art was published in leading art magazines and Newspapers in those countries. He received a Masters Degree in Art from Academy of Fine and Industrial Arts in Leningrad (Sankt Petersburg), Russia and was a professor at St. Johns University, N.Y. and faculty member of Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts. His bronze tableau of seven life–size figures entitled “The Commuters”, sculpted in 1985, is installed in Newark Penn Station. His book “Reflections” features 17 linocuts, etchings and mixed media prints has been included in the print collection of New York Public Library as well as the Rare Book collection of Newark Public Library, Library of Saint Bonaventure University, Library of Metropolitan Museum of Art on New York and Hermitage Museum in Leningrad, Russia. In April 1995 Mr. Gurevich was granted a patent on "Manifolding book", one of which “Numbers 1-10, 10-1” is in the collection at the Brooklyn Museum and library at Columbia University of Chicago. In March m, 2016 his sculpture “CLOWN” was exhibited in Russian State Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia in a group show “CIRCUS”


Alex AGAlex AG

New York based artist. His digitally modified panoramas largely focus on surrealistic harmony of urban life of large cities: New York, Istanbul, Bucharest, however, large part of the collections is vistas of nature, or single depiction of people, animals and non-animated objects.
This winter collection is focusing on memories of the old New York presented in modern media and approach to image processing.
His works are offering the new approach to interpretation of reality captured by a camera. Another area to which artist is paying extremely close attention is methods of printing the artwork. Alex employs several processes, including printing on standard metal surfaces, custom print on materials such as leather, steel, stone… The separate area of Alex AG works is printing on transparent and semitransparent surfaces, including multi-layered prints on glass and prints on semiprecious stones, which require illumination for display.





Sofia EchaSofia Echa

I paint with acrylic on canvas and metal. Painting on big canvases and metal sheets of various sizes, I try to create an illusion of reflection. Working on metal sheets, I see my reflection in the unpainted areas through the abstract cloud-like strokes I make, and that helps me dive into my own thoughts and memories. The cool gray color I favor in both my works on metal and canvas provides an achromatic background allowing me to begin my paintings in an oasis of calm and neutrality. Also, my interest is not only what is on the front, but is also what is on the back: I attach stretchers on my works on metal so they have a shadow on the wall, and that adds sculptural qualities to my work.
The glossy varnish I use as the last step in my creative process is meaningful to me. I am fascinated by the density of gloss I put on top of my paint, which reminds me of lacquerware of a Japanese Rinpa school. The memories about Japan bring me back to my young years when I studied Japanese economics and language at the University, and about my father, who had been working in Japan. He would always bring me beautiful things from there, which mesmerized me and inspired me to paint when I was a little girl. I admire the delicacy and subtlety of Japanese artistic tradition, and applying glossy varnish on top of my works is my way to cherish my memories and express my admiration for Japanese culture.
I paint with palette knives and other metal objects, and I love to play with the idea of metal being ‘heavy’ and ‘light’ at the same time. The idea of a hard edge on a hard surface or big bold canvases is ‘masculine’, but the way I apply paint is subtle, my strokes are soft, and this method to me is about sensuality and femininity but also about being strong. In this way, I challenge myself to use ‘strong’ materials but create a sensual impact by working in a delicate and subtle way.


Ajuan SongSergei Goloshapov

Sergei Goloshapov, a Moscow born artist, has rocketed to the top echelon of traditional printmakers and book illustrators during his senior years at Moscow Polygraph Institute, the renowned Russian art school. Many of the best 20th century avant-garde artists have taught there developing the glorious tradition of Constructivism, the rich early post revolution style in art and architecture.

During his years in Russia Sergei has produced a large body of work including numerous book illustrations, etchings, paintings in oil, and works on paper.

In 1991 Sergei moved to NewYork where he continued to work on illustrated books
For children (North-South Publishing).The most important were two outstanding books of Grimm Brothers tales. Later on he created a linocut print series forThe Selected Short Stories of Honore de Balzac.

In 2012Sergei was involved in a major theatre project -The Spiderman on Broadway.
He was responsible for the entire cityscape rendering.
Nowthe artist is back to his studio working on a new series of paintings and mixed media drawings.

Presently Sergei’s work is on display at IB Clark Gallery, New Hope, PA until the end of 2015.

The gallery website: Ibclarkgallery.com

Also the artist’s work can be viewed at: https://www.behance.net/search?search=sergei+goloshapov


Boulat KitaevBoulat Kitaev

Boulat Kitaev graduated the V.I. Surikov Institute of Art, Moscow, Russia with Master’s Degree in Art.
His paintings presented in museums and private collections in Russia, Europe and USA.
In 1991 he was working in Finland for private clients, painting portraits and landscapes.
In 2005 graduated New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Health Science.
Throughout all these years , Boulat remained passionate about painting and his desire to continue creating the art. His artwork focuses on capturing the beauty of life in combination with infinite movement of vital energy, filled with depth and emotions.
Boulat developed a unique style based on principals of traditional European art mixed with Eastern philosophies that explain the circulation of positive energy in his paintings.