Exhibition of Vladimir Glukhov and Group Show

Fun-filled holiday event celebrating
Russian “Old New Year” 

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the opening reception with the artists
Saturday, January 14th, 6pm – 9pm

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Exhibition on view at the Museum
January 14th- January 28th, 2017
Fridays from 4-7pm; Saturdays and Sundays from 1-5pm

Solo Exhibition of Vladimir

Vladimir Glukhov is a Russian-Asian painter whose vibrant colors and compositions create bright and mysterious landscapes that guide the audience through the mountains, hills and valleys of his hometown. Glukhov’s art captures both the essence of ancient and historical times and of today’s everyday life.
Glukhov’s art captures both the essence of ancient and historical times and of today’s everyday life. His art themes are timeless whereas his imagery reflects the everyday material culture – a wonderful synthesis of tradition and modernity.


On the Exhibition, the Collector, and the Artist
The first exhibition of 2017 at the Museum of Russian Artshowcases the sunlit landscapes and works of figurative art from Tajikistan, a faraway mountainous land in the heart of Asia. A former Soviet republic and now an independent state, Tajikistan boasts a rich, millennia-long cultural history. Despite being a newcomer—professional school of fine art appeared as late asthe 1920s—oilpainting has enjoyed proliferationin Central Asia, and it quickly evolved into a mature artistic medium. Its hallmark features are emphatic painterly style and use of strong vibrant colors,sometimes taking precedence over representational accuracies. A Moscow-based attorney and avid art collector, Mrs. YuliaVerbitskaya has played a very special role in the recent history of production, dissemination, and preservation of visual artsin Tajikistan. In the past fifteen years, she has supported a number of contemporary masters and saved, literally, over four hundred works that could have been condemned in the aftermath of political and social events in the region (including a tragiccivil war, etc.). The inaugural exhibition introduces the American public toa selection of oil paintings by Vladimir Glukhov (b. in 1961). Born and raised in the capital city of Dushanbe, Glukhov received his formal art education in visual arts inTajikistan and then in Russia. A participant in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad, he is hailed as the “Russian Gaugin”by theEuropean press, for creating works that are always originaland surprising.Glukhovattributes hissuccess tohis earlyexposure to the naturalbeauty of his native land. The artist’s continuous appreciation and fascination with culture of Tajikistan is a driving force behind the new series of works created in Russia, now on display at the MoRA. Whereas his art themes are universal and timeless Glukhov’s imagery reflects everyday material culture — a wonderful synthesis of tradition and modernity. There is nothing ordinary or fleeting about his paintings: The seemingly private events are imbued with new, complex meanings, and their status is elevated to that of ancient Greek mysteries. The narratives are conveyed by the juxtaposition of contrasting colors. The vivid palette of primary colors and the slight presence of linear and aerial perspective do not merelyevoke the impact of twentieth-century Russian avant-garde — they are a par with the experimentations and achievements of the Trecento.


Group exhibition

Participating artists:

Emil Lansky

Murman Kutchava
Grigory Gurevich
Alex (AG) Garber 

Michael Ezra 
Kuzma Vostrikov
Lidia Chepovetsky
Ajuan Song
Vesna Delevska
Julius Chepusov