Group Exhibition of Nine Leading Artists from Israel

The Society for the Promotion of Jewish Culture (SPJC) and The Museum of Russian Art (MoRA) are pleased to invite you to a group exhibit of nine leading artists from Israel.

This exhibition is part of the series of events celebrating contemporary Israeli art and culture.

Experience the beauty and culture of Israel through paintings by these talented artists from the Holy Land: Irena Aizen, Elinor Brodsky, Galina Didur, Amir Gilboa, Eduard Grossman, Adrian Judro, Margarita Levin, Semen Lipkovich, Masha Orlovich, Malka Tsentsiper, and Anna Zarnitsky

The opening reception will take place at

MORA on March 31, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Artworks are on view at MORA from April 1 through April 15
Hours of exhibition: 3 to 6PM and by appointment

Closed: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

We welcome you to share this unique experience, and hope to see you there!