Group Art Exhibition @ Tenri Gallery


Group Exhibition




Tuesday, February 6, 2018 7-9PM

Tenri Cultural Institute | 43 West 13th Street | New York, NY 10011


Suggested donation to museum $20


Zina Zinchik

is a self taught artist who lives and work from West New York, NJ and specializing in fine art photography. She picked up camera in her late 20th to pursue passion for photography she enrolled into countless art classes and participated in workshops with globally accomplished photographers.

Her work have been printed in numerous magazines and articles and can be found in private collections around the globe.

Michael Ezra

is one of the influentials masters of contemporary photography. Ezra’s distinctive work in sculptural nudes is focused on creation of unique laconic images of sculptural forms by using the medium of fine art photography. It is dedicated to discovery of novel concepts of sculptural form of human body and study of dualism via harmonious conjunction of contrasting elements.

Lynn Neuman

Artist Statement: My paintings reflect the interplay of life in urban centers, connection and disconnection, interior and exterior, organic and inorganic and movement and stillness.

As life increasingly becomes digitized and disconnected, I encourage viewers to connect and consider. By capturing the dynamic moments where unlikely visual and compositionally rich scenes come together, they’re preserved for contemplation and reflection.

The oil paintings are based on my photography and are constructed freehand. Layers of paint increasingly create a luminous, lifelike quality, while leaving space for the viewer’s imagination.

Alexander Rees

Artist’s Statement: Search for beauty in surrounding us complicated and at times hostile world and sharing it with others was always my credo, both in art and music.

Grigory Gurevich

is a painter, sculptor, graphic artist, photographer, illustrator, bookmaker, mime and inventor. Originally from Leningrad (Saint Petersburg), Russia, he now resides in New Jersey

Diana Leviton Gondek

Observations of human nature are seen throughout her work. Inspired by real and imagined images, she works primarily with oil on canvas. Her work shows a certain kind of kinetics, and even at times transparency, to color and uncomplicated straightforwardness. Her own visual vocabulary

Outside of the US, Diana has sold artwork in Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands. She was also part of art fair exhibitions in Busan, Korea and Aqua Art Miami and in New York.

Iness Kaplun

Iness Kaplun is a Russian artist, based in Brooklyn, NY. Art has always lived in her house, started with her grandfather – who was an artist, a painter-decorator. Her love story with art has began the moment her grandfather handed Iness his brush. This love has been living inside of her throughout the years, constantly reminding of her roots and where she came from.

Iness wants to show us her vision of our modern society. A system that looks for benefits without limitations, which neglects the emotions of the human being. She creates symbolic works by mixing emotions and humor in provocative and dramatic manner. She works with the endless iconic topics and gives them life in her unique mixed media. She points out on the contradictions and effects of the modern world on the people and their environment. Iness delivers through her dramatically ironic style a message of hope, wakes up our conscious, giving an artistic testimony of our time.

Her art work has been exhibited in Chelsea Galleries as well as underground art shows.

Anna Zayachkivska

is a Ukrainian actress, artist, model and beauty pageant titleholder who represented her country in the Miss World 2013 which took place on September 28, 2013 in Bali, Indonesia

Julia Michry

Julia earned her BA in Graphic Design in just three years from New York’s School of Visual Arts, graduating with honors. Julia is proficient in Adobe Creative Suite 5 (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks). Recently, Julia was working on tablet design at People magazine. To expand her skill set, Julia joined the renowned user interface and web design firm, Rossul Design, based (virtually) in Toronto. There she brought her artistic and graphic design knowledge to the creation of websites, applications and intranets. She has also studied HTML. Please see examples of the company’s web work at In addition to magazine and book design, Julia excels in branding, identity, logos and stationary.

Eduard Belsky

was born in 1963 in Colki, Volin region, Ukraine. He studied in Republican Art School in Kiev and the Dnepropetrovsk Art School. He graduated from the Ukrainian Academy of Arts in 1991 with a degree in monumental faculty. Since 1992 he has been a member of the Art Union of painters of Ukraine. Now, he lives and works in Izola, Slovenia and cooperates with different Ukrainian and European galleries. Belsky is passionate about life and his positive attitude sparkles in all his paintings. Once he picks up his brush, he fully gives in to the process of painting, immersing in it like in meditation. Belsky lets his free spirit fly on the wings of fantasy to the top of creation

Boulat Kitaev

Artist Statement: My artwork focuses on capturing the infinite movements of vital energy. Each painting is a unique experiment attempting to understand the real beauty of the world filled with depth, emotion, and movements associated with positive energy paying close attention to details.

I’ve developed a unique style based on principals of traditional European art mixed with Eastern philosophies that explain the feeling of positive energy.

Emil Silberman

Artist Statement: I was always fascinated by the ability of art to capture an emotion, a thought or a feeling in ways more powerful than can be expressed by words. Throughout my life I strived to achieve this ability and to continuously seek new ways of expression and form. Being self-taught eventually proved to be advantageous to my development as an artist.

Despite all the technical and stylistic changes over time I always remain true to my original goal of capturing an emotion or a thought in my work.

I strive to make a viewer interact with my pieces on a level of raw emotions in a setting of unique visual experience often starting a silent dialogue between us.

Irina Lyampe

Rina believes that the most aspect of artistic creativity is the sense of wonder, mystery, discovery. Is it the sense   of connection to, yet distance from our surroundings, which she try to maintain in her paintings. The pictures she connects to most usually have a mixture of two realities; which is in the artist through previous experiences, and the present life.

Elena Osipova

Manhattan-based artist Elena Osipova was born and raised in Russia. Big cities around the world have always inspired her. Moscow, New York, San Diego are definitely her favorite places to live and create.

This art work called Super Moon she devoted to femininity and female energy which she believes is always related with

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