Fall Exhibition 2017

International Fall Exhibition at MoRA – 2017

Isabella Glaz,Vitaliy Gonikman, Alex AG, Grigory Gurevich, Vasily Kafanov, Irene Koval, Lenny Levitsky Yelena Lezhen, Liliya Popova, Irina Sheynfeld, Emil Silberman, Igor Tulpanov, Judith Unger, Dmitry Zatsarin, Zina Zinchik
October 7th through October 21st

Open Saturdays, Sundays from 1 pm to 5 pm

Opening reception with artists:
Saturday, October 7th 6PM-10PM

For more information contact:
Boris Belenky, MORA Director:



Isabella Glaz

Participating artists:

Gerard Barbot
Grigory Gurevich
Leonid Khimishman
Irene Koval
Tanya Levin
Yelena Lezhen
Julia Lipovetskiy (Vish)
Irina Sheynfeld
Gábor Szűcs
Judith Unger
Zina Zinchik
Vitaliy Gonikman



Gerard was born in France & grew up in Brooklyn, NY where he presently resides and creates unique, one of a kind collages & assemblages.

He is a self taught artist. His artwork is in private & public collections.
He is featured in the Emmy award winning documentary about Dead Horse Bay.

"In my teens I started picking up discarded ephemera such as matchbook covers, advertisements, movie stubs, etc. as a collage element in my correspondence with friends and family. A few years later I worked in construction & taught myself to weld scrap metal found on site. I made representational figures & faces. I have a certain fascination for repurposing & upcycling common everyday objects that have a known history. Who used what, how were they used, where, when, etc.? Then there is the simple joy of transforming those abandoned artifacts that we use/used everyday and giving the viewer an opportunity to see them in new unexpected ways”.




Sculptor, painter, photographer, graphic artist, printmaker, art book creator, and inventor – has had more than four hundred exhibitions in the United States and Europe and conducted hundreds of sculpture workshops in Italy, Denmark, Russia and the United States. His paintings, drawings, and sculptures have won numerous awards and are in public and private collections in Russia, Switzerland, France, Croatia, Germany, Slovakia and the United States. He has had his solo shows in Savitsky Museum in Penza city in Russia in July 2010 and August 2012 and many shows in the Museum of Russian Art in the United States.

He received a master’s degree in art from Academy of Fine and Industrial Arts in Leningrad, Russia and was a professor at St. John’s University, New York, and a faculty member of Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts.

His bronze tableau of seven life-size figures entitled “The Commuters”, sculpted in 1985, is permanently installed in Newark Penn Station. His bronze bust of Japanese-American Inventor Kazuo Hashimoto is installed in NJIT, Newark, NJ. His book “Reflections” features seventeen linocuts, etchings, and mixed media prints  has been included in the print collection of New York Public Library as well as the rare book collection of Newark Museum Library, Library of Saint Bonaventure University, and Print Collection of HERMITAGE MUSEUM in Leningrad, Russia.

His work won many awards and honorable mentions. His biography is published in “Who is Who in American Art”, “WIKIPEDIA” and many magazines and newspapers and was shown on television shows in different European countries.. His sculpture “CLOWN” was exhibited in Russian State museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. Four of his Art books are accepted to a Library of Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.


Lenny Khimishman

Lenny was born in Moscow, Russia in 1961.
Growing up behind the iron curtain with the lack of opportunity to travel and explore the world, kept the mind of the young boy hungry and his imagination running wild with his own world of color and visual perception. 

Drawing was undoubtedly his passion from the young years. After graduating a four-year college with the degree in graphic art and technical drawing, Lenny worked for the graphic art firm and soon became a bright young member of the vibrant Moscow Artistic Community. Membership brought Lenny great visibility, and not long after he featured his works on the famous Arbat Street, in the heart of Moscow historic district. 

Despite his success, Lenny, like so many artists of the day, felt limited and thirsty for creative freedom and soon left Russia for Austria in the 80. After living in several European countries, the long and winding road brought him to America, and he now lives with his family around the New York City area.
He worked as a graphic artist in several small art companies around Brooklyn and Manhattan, and for the last 25 years he has been working for the International Publishing Company, where he is developing the digital photography, production art and magical world of color. 

His everyday work for well known international magazines certainly keeps him busy, yet he still finds time and inspiration to create and share his intimate vision with others, revisiting that passionate young boy inside. 



Irene Koval, Ukrainian artist originally from Odessa, was raised in a family of carnies (father was an engineer and performer for the circus and mother was a skilled acrobat) Irene worked in the circus as a child, performing acrobatic acts. Her childhood was as unusual as it was difficult, always moving to new places all over Russia as a part of the soviet circus lifestyle.

 After graduating from circus institute and officially becoming a part of the soviet circus, Irene found herself greatly stimulated by her creativity. At this time, she was collecting a diversity of skill and technique from the various art classes she was attending in different parts of the Former Soviet Union as she was traveling all over the country with her circus.

 Irene had a strong passion for the fine arts and theater. From 1983 to 1987 she attended the State Art Theatrical College in Odessa and became a property master puppeteer and art sculpture doll designer. After graduation, she was participating in numerous fine art exhibitions in Ukraine and Russia. In 1989 she fled the political oppression of her home country by immigrating to the United States and settling in New York to continue her pursuit of a career in art. In 1994 Irene graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) as a textile and surface designer. She worked for different design studios but her love of the fine arts and theater never died.

Irene has been painting, constructing Dolls, and even assembling jewelry all her life. Her style and technique has transformed over the years but Irene always finds that most of all, her art is influenced by her experience as a circus performer.



Born in Minsk, Belarus, Tanya moved to New York City in 1995. Her artistic inclinations showed at a very young age as she started compulsively drawing on every surface in sight including books, walls and papers around the house.

As she grew older, Tanya gave up defacing household property and started using drawing and painting as an outlet for documenting surroundings and expressing emotions.

Obsessed with color, Tanya creates paintings that are vivid, exaggerated and slightly surrealistic, drawing inspiration from Dali, Klimt, Monet, Australian aboriginal art and Russian folk patterns.
Her work can be found in private collections in Moscow, London, New York, Chicago and Boston.




Yelena Lezhen is an American artist born in Ukraine who lives and works in New Jersey. Her preferred media is oil, acrylic and ink on canvas and paper. Her symbolism bears an emotionality required to express, soberly and directly, a specific emotive atmosphere. Eroticism and sexuality is the bridge that leads from visible to invisible in her works.

Yelena has participated in numerous art exhibitions and won a number of juried selection calls for art and awards. Recently she exhibited and sold her art works at Art Hamptons 2016, and also at art exhibitions in Barcelona, Paris, Reggio Emilia (near Milan), and at SALON ART3F NICE (France) in October, 2016.

Her paintings and drawings can be found in private collections around the world, including United States, Germany, Israel, Russia, and Ukraine.



Julia Vish is an artist who lives and creates in Staten Island, NY. Her rich background and two immigrations influenced affectionate Julia in many different ways and contributed to the art we are seeing today.

Julia was born in Ukraine. She was growing up a curious and imaginative
child often seen with drawing pad and pencil creating something wonderful.
Later on, she got her Bachelor Degree in Architecture.

As a young woman with family she immigrated to Israel in 1991. There she attended and
graduated College of Fine Arts and worked as a designer. In 1998 she immigrated to United States, where she continued with her career and work.

And all this time Julia created for herself, for family and friends. Many of those paintings found homes in private collections all over the world. She likes to paint with oil and acrylic, pastel and mixed media.
And now Julia is ready to share her art with the world. So come and check out Julia’s abstract, intuitive, dreamy and yet vibrant paintings and decide for yourself.


Irina grew up in Odessa, Ukraine where she was classically trained as a painter, designer and puppet maker. Then she continued her studies at Parsons School of Design where she earned BFA, and then she received MFA at School of Visual Arts.

Irina had multiple solo exhibitions; her work was included in numerous juried group shows and published by various publications including WSJ, Money Magazine and Oxygen Media. Irina is a recipient of the COJECO’s Blueprint Fellowship and Grant.



"Unique, One of a Kind Sculpture Celebrating Strong Women"
Judith earned a Sculpture Degree at Rhode Island School of Design during the late 60’s. An exciting groundbreaking time for the arts.

My mother, a painter, encouraged me to draw at a young age. We’d ride the train weekly from Connecticut to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I memorized whole rooms of paintings! I remember looking up from my small height overwhelmed in a room overflowing with Monet water lilies. It was a whole new world for a small child.
President Clinton commissioned me to create an ornament for the White House Christmas Tree.

Recently I donated a sculpture to the Rush Foundation auction to benefit Art for Inner NYC  Children. My sculpture was one of the top lots sold.  Bruce Springsteen, NY Yankees, Bill Maher, Julienne Moore … were some of the other lots offered.
My work has been widely exhibited and acclaimed.



Zina Zinchik is a self taught artist who lives and works from West New York, NJ and specializing in fine art photography. She picked up camera in her late 20th to pursue passion for photography she enrolled into countless art classes and participated in workshops with globally accomplished photographers.

Amused by extremely cold temperatures brought into New York City by arctic vortex, she become to experiment with ice and frozen flowers creating “Frozen spring” collection. The artistic influence behind this flower imagery stems from deep appreciation for the simple, the untainted and the unadulterated beauty found in nature and the logistic restrictions influenced by weather.

“Frozen spring” collection was inspired by the arctic vortex visiting New York City past winter. The artistic influence behind this flower imagery stems from my deep appreciation for the simple, the untainted and the unadulterated beauty found in nature and the logistic restrictions influenced by weather. These captured flowers exemplify growth and renewal struggling from under the freezing effects of global warming.
Experiments with liquids, flowers and freezing temperatures produced unique works that were captured in photography studio empower me to show beauty created by forces of nature.

Her works have been printed in numerous magazines and articles and can be found in private collections around the globe.



Gábor is a painter, animator and VJ who lives and works in Bratislava, Slovakia. 
He graduated school of scenic art – Animated creation and then Academy of fine arts and design in Bratislava.

"Gabor’s art carries messages about various subjects: computer technologies, natural sites on the Earth and other planets, philosophy. It sees the universe as a source of all things. The paintings seem abstract, but their titles suggest otherwise, shifting the attention towards the real space and cyberspace. The seeming chaos is suppressed by the fact that everything is carefully arranged and structured to create a space which can take on multiple forms."




I was born and raised in a beautiful old city Odessa in Ukraine. Odessa was my early inspiration for black and white cityscape drawings. Now I live in the beautiful city of New York that is spiritually so close to Odessa.

Throughout my life I was trying to establish my own style, style that will express my inner world and artistic preferences. When I started to create surrealistic black and white drawings I felt ‘this is it’…..I have found it and I named my style “Conceptual Surrealism”. My main intent is to embed a deep meaning in each image but leave plenty of room for the viewer’s imagination.

My favorite media is ink and pen but I’m gladly using oil paints, watercolors, pencils, and I love photography.


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