The Camera’s Eye on the Other Arts

The Camera’s Eye on the Other Arts
Three Generations of Photographers Capturing the Arts
Runs from Monday, May 15, through May 31, 2011.
Located at the Museum of Russian Art (MoRA)

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 14, 2011, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
The exhibition will be open on selected days from 2pm to 6pm; check this page for confirmation or call the contact numbers on the bottom of this page.

Curated by Elena Sarni and John William Narins

The Camera’s Eye on the Other Arts presents contemporary photographers spanning three generations, ranging from eminent masters to emerging talents. In the works presented here, they turn their lenses to the creations of artists working in other artistic modes. The photographer’s art can capture the real and the unreal, and it has a special capacity to preserve moments of artistic creation, to reveal symmetries and asymmetries, rhythms and harmonies in the world and in man’s creations.

Photographers show us art in idiosyncratic and revealing ways. The art-within-art theme of this show empowers the photographers – including Lev Poliakov, Yuri Shalamoff, Nina Alovert, Grigory Gurevich, Benjamin Lozovsky and Igor Aronov – to engage in interpretation, expressive selection, or postmodern reworking of artists and artworks.