Woman: Balancing Our World

Woman: Balancing Our World

Art Exhibitition at MoRA

The Museum presents a new project 

 “Woman: Balancing Our World” invites visitors on a remarkable journey into the world of women who play a key role in maintaining balance in this fragile world. In a world where technology and hustle have become a part of our lives, we have forgotten about the real magic that permeates the world of nature and spirit. This magic is the very embodiment of feminine strength and wisdom.

The project consists of four halls, each representing a unique theme:

Hall №1: “Women in Art. Female Artists and Their Inspiring Stories”

This corner of the project is dedicated to art created by female artists who decided to change their lives towards art. The canvases of this hall reflect their personal stories, willpower, and unwavering passion for creativity. These works of art carry sincere and touching life stories, their inspiration, and the aspiration to gift the world a piece of their vision of beauty. Here you will see not only amazing paintings but also learn the stories of these women, how they found their true calling, and decided to follow the path of art. This hall allows you to draw inspiration from their stories, and create authentic works of art, reflecting a unique vision of the world.

Hall № 2: “Harmony with Nature: Women and Ecology”

In this hall, visitors will immerse themselves in the inspiring world of the interconnection between women and nature, and learn how female wisdom contributes to environmental conservation. Ecology and nature are an integral part of the life of our planet, and this hall will demonstrate the importance of harmony with nature. Paintings and artworks in this hall will highlight how women, drawing inspiration from nature, become advocates of its preservation and maintain balance in ecosystems. Visitors will see how female intuition and concern for the future world intertwine with images of natural landscapes and living beings, creating harmony with the surrounding world. The “Harmony with Nature” hall reminds us all of the importance of preserving our planet and calls for actions in support of ecology, inspiring a careful attitude towards the environment.

Hall №3: “Grace in Nature: Women and Animals”

Inspiration by the Animal World In this hall, you will discover paintings inspired by the diverse and amazing world of animals on our planet. Here, animals and natural landscapes have become a source of inspiration for female artists. Visitors will see how women depict and feel the interconnection with natural ecosystems, emphasizing the importance of their preservation. The paintings in this hall will convey women’s sincere attitude towards the animal world and their striving to preserve natural ecosystems. Visitors will learn about the role women play in maintaining balance in nature and how they find inspiration in animals, symbolizing attention to ecology and care for living beings on Earth. The “Inspiration by the Animal World” hall invites every visitor to pay attention to the importance of treating the animal world and nature with care, and to admire their beauty, which is an essential part of our world.

Hall №4: “Family Values: Women and the Continuation of the Lineage”

This hall is dedicated to women as keepers of family values and the mysteries of the continuation of the human race. Here you will find artworks that reflect the wisdom of women in creating and maintaining a family hearth. The paintings in this hall immerse visitors in the mystery of birth and the upbringing of future generations, conveying emotions and values that are the foundation of stable and emotional development of society. These works of art raise important themes of family relationships, love, care, and support, which personify the strength and wisdom of women. This hall calls to honor women who play an important role in creating harmonious and healthy families and society as a whole.

List of Artists:

  • Viktoriia Isaeva (VICTO)
  • Uliana Sal
  • Anna Voronina
  • Olga Tiho
  • Yulia Belasla
  • Liliya Kovalevskaya
  • Eden Eizenberg
  • GerDa
  • Ekaterina Krylova
  • Svetlana Saprykina
  • Prostoksyushen
  • Katty Kot
  • Anastasia Ovsyannikova
  • Irina Petrova
  • Katrin Rymsha
  • Elena Baurecht
  • Anastasiia Comicada
  • Vera Hoi
  • Anastassia Skopp
  • Kevich Anastacia
  • Abramova Darina
  • Anastasya Lyulina


MoRA Museum
80 Grand Street, Jersey City, NJ

Margo Grant, Director