Works on Paper by Alexander Voitsekhovsky


The Exhibition at MoRA museum of

Works on Paper

by Alexander Petrovich Voitsekhovsky


will be open March 26-29 from 2pm-7pm

Opening Reception:
Thursday, March 26, 7-9pm

Alexandr “Petrovich” Voitsekhovsky

Voitsekhovsky was born in Moscow in 1964 and started drawing at age 18. Have been exhibiting his work since 1994. Presently resides  in St Petersburg, Russia. He spent ten years working as an EMS physician. Traveled extensively throughout Central Asia.

”The ultimate strength of Alexander Voitsekhovsky’ pictures is in his focus on the universal constants of human nature; thus the broadest audiences across nations can naturally and easily relate to his characters, whether in the form of humans or that of humanized animals. Viewers of his pictures cannot but recognize their own dreams or thoughts, observations or experiences that the artist shows in his amusing pictures with full understanding, deep empathy and, furthermore, in a comforting light‐hearted key. Psychologically truthful without moralizing, this art helps people to maintain cheerful spirits amongst people’ ordinary cares and worries that are often perplexing.

Alexander Voitsekhovsky’ style is unfailingly modest and subtle. It is unpretentious in its each and every aspect, from the plainness of his subject matter to the childlike manner of drawing based on the rejection of
perspective and preference for strictly frontal or profile views to the choice of simple crayons as his main medium. The usage of crayons not only enriches the texture of his pictures, not only makes them lighter and more airy due the inherent roughness of the crayon line but also adds some indefiniteness to all the visual forms enhancing the inner truthfulness of the artist’ works.”
-Elena Varshavskaya, Rhode Island School of Design