Contemporary St. Petersburg based artist Dmitry Sokolenko’s March 2012 show explores the relationship between art, politics and culture.

Attendees to the LES Dino Eli gallery made their way around the precariously placed large photographs stationed on the center of the floor.

Sokolenko’s salt water prints hung on the back wall positioned around the word TIME, outlined in black tape across the entire span of the wall.

The story of both Sokolenko’s ‘TIME’ and ‘&Rosencrantz’ exhibition permeated throughout the small gallery space. Large rolled up photos in the right hand corner of the room were stood up and made the shape of the five Olympic Rings.

Histories effect on Sokolenko’s exhibit is evidenced by the titles for his pieces: “I <3 Aurora”, “Democracy 1984”, “Venus 007”, “Greenpeace”. These are just some of the titles which act more as tiny chapters in the artist’s story.

The crowd enjoyed the unique representation of the art, and many people stayed for a long time to try and decipher the artists tale.